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We have been covering heads for almost thirty years. As our name implies we are more than JUST a hat store. We have something for every one. So if you come to visit our little town on the shores of Lake Michigan stop in and join our Hat Party.

We will try to give you a quick look see at what we have to offer on our web site. Hats, hats and more hats Safari, Fedora, Derby(Bowler if your a Brit), Outback, Beret, Top Hat or Tam, drivers and ascots perhaps a cuffly for you. Hats for the newsboy, the captain, the King the Joker and Judge, the golfer, Red Baron or ole Elmer Fudd all of these and we have only mentioned a few.

Hats for the ladies, those who want RED or not. Hats for the Derby or just around town. Hats to warm your ears or protect you And yours from the sun.

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